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Storybook Explorers Program

Ignite a Love for Learning Through the Magic of Books


Welcome to Storybook Explorers Program, where each week, a beloved children's book becomes the gateway to a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Our unique program uses storybook themes to create an engaging environment where children explore core subjects while developing crucial communication and social skills.


In Storybook Explorers, we focus on the comprehensive development of your child. Our curriculum is designed to enhance speech and language abilities, fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional growth, and cognitive development. By integrating these key developmental areas, we prepare our students not only for kindergarten but for a lifetime of learning.


Join us on this exciting journey where stories come to life, and learning becomes an adventure. In Storybook Explorers Program, we cultivate a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Child Reading in the Grass
Coloring Geometric Shapes

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Kindergarten Prep


Building a Strong Foundation for Kindergarten Success


Welcome to Kindergarten Prep, where we focus on equipping children with the essential skills they need to thrive in Kindergarten. Our comprehensive program emphasizes foundational academic skills such as letter recognition and sounds, counting, and early literacy.


Beyond academics, we prioritize the development of communication and social skills, ensuring children learn to engage in appropriate peer play and build strong interpersonal connections. Our goal is to create a well-rounded, supportive environment that fosters both academic and social-emotional growth.


At Kindergarten Prep, we prepare your child for a confident and successful transition into Kindergarten, setting the stage for a bright educational future.

One-on-One Parent Coaching Session


Empower Your Parenting with Expert Guidance


Join our One-on-One Parent Coaching Session and equip yourself with effective tools to handle challenging behaviors, tantrums, and communication difficulties. With personalized strategies tailored to your family's needs, you'll gain confidence in managing and improving your child's behavior.

Our sessions are led by, Erika Hill, an experienced educator with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and Deaf Education. With years of experience as an Early Intervention Coach, Preschool Teacher, Behavioral Interventionist, and Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, she brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to each session.


Discover techniques and approaches grounded in years of professional experience to help you navigate parenting challenges and support your child's development. Join us and build a robust parenting toolbox for a happier, more harmonious family life.

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